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Donut Kids by Luther

31/07/2009 00:22
Hello, this is your friend, Luther Waffles!!  Ok, so a few weeks ago, Zeke and I were working for Don's Donuts by delivering donuts, but there were these 3 kids (the one with the deep voice was creepy) and they tricked me into giving them donuts.  The next time I work at Don's, I should...

Hey by Luther (written by Zeke)

22/06/2009 17:29
  Hello this is Zeke (again).  Ok, from right now, Luther is going to tell me what to type!  Here we go: "Hey, this is Luther!  Man, do I love that video game I played in the hotel room!!!  I didn't know that Zeke was yelling my name when he got his toe in the faucet. ...

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