Zeke and Luther Talk


12/09/2009 11:33
L: Hey Zeke! Z: Hey Luth, what you are doing? L: Eating... Z: Eating... what?? L: McDONALDS!!!! Z: *gasp* L: WHAT?!?! Z: McDonalds will get you fat! L: I already am fat!! Z: You are not fat Luth!! L: :) THANKS!!!!!!! Z: Your welcome! L: I better finish eating, I'm watching Spongebob!! Z:...

Mr. Kennedy and Beyond

12/07/2009 22:26
L: Hey Zeke, why did the WWE have to release Mr. Kennedy four days after his return? Z: Don't ask me Luth, ask the guy who is in charge of the WWE! L: Ok sorry, I have a question!! Z: Is it about Mr. Kennedy? L: Yeaaaa... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Z: I heard you say yeaaaa!!!! L: YOU CAN'T PROVE...

Jon and Kate: Too Late

23/06/2009 18:12
    L: Hey Zeke Z: Yeah Luth L: Did you hear about Jon & Kate Gosselin? Z: Why yes I have Luth, they are getting a divorce! L: I know, that is so sad, right? Z: Oh, you know it man!!!  I wonder who will be keeping the kids? L: If none of them wants them, we can be the pernament...

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