12/09/2009 11:28
The producer of Zeke & Luther says that he is going to call former WWE Superstar, Jeff Hardy, and have him guest star on a new episode!  I am a huge wrestling fan and when I saw CM Punk beat Jeff on SmackDown, Luth and I almost cried!!  Anyway, we might have Jeff Hardy...


31/07/2009 00:27
  Ok, you know there is always the nerdy guy that is trying to be cool (not that I'm saying Ozzy is a nerd), but Ozzy joined our skate camp and he caused trouble.  We ran into a bush, I'm still itchy!!!  Ozzy is a nice guy, but how does his mom live with him???  I bet when he...

Luther's armpit hair, Gordon

11/07/2009 11:21
Ok, how many of you have named your armpit hair?  Don't tell anyone, but I named mine Stevie!  He was such a cute little hair!!!!  Then his sister, Renee, was born.  Luther named his first hair Gordon.  Gordon was a very adorable armpit hair!  But, when Luther siad...

The first episode by Zeke

22/06/2009 17:25
Hello this is Zeke.  Remember the first episode, Bros Go Pro?  Yeah, that was the pilot (premiere) episode.  Yeah, I still have the faucet on the toe and I'm trying to help Luth type on his blog!  We are going to the doctors later today.  I told him not the play that video...

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